Mesotherapy is a form of collagen inducing therapy and is a new and innovative way to deliver serums and medications into the deeper layers of the skin.

The device uses a disposable needle tip and suction to pull the skin up into the device and administer the product to give your desired result.

Mesotherapy focuses on local transdermal delivery in order to achieve local results and minimize systemic effects. By administering minute amounts with each injection and by delivering the medication directly to the target area, mesotherapy minimizes both local and systemic side effects while amplifying the results.

The cocktailed serums and medications used in the device vary among practitioners. For example, to target concerns of hyperpigmentation and sun damage, we would include tranexamic acid into the serum, which is a safe and effective medication to break down melanocytes and even out skin tone. For fine lines, we would include hyaluronic acid along with a neurotoxin like Botox, which in small amounts can help plump and soften the skin leaving you with a dewy look.