I started at MD Skin Effects about 8 years ago. What a difference in my skin, I’ve noticed fine lines have disappeared with the microdermabrasion and my overall skin has never looked more refined, bright and fresh. I can definitely tell when I have missed a microderm and need it, my skin looks different! Dr. Mangat has done a few minor cosmetic procedures on me and she never goes “over the top”. I don’t leave feeling like I look different!! Just younger and fresher, Dr. Mangat does a great job at knowing when to say when! The best part is I never feel pressured to buy the latest and greatest face cream, eye cream, lip cream, etc, and when the esthetician does make a recommendation it is not the most expensive product on the market, just a reasonable beauty choice! The staff at MD Skin Effects is excellent, Paulette always tries to get me in when I need it, and I love the nice phone calls the day before to remind me of my appointment!

- Julie J.
St Petersburg, FL

I have been coming to MD Skin Effects for over 2 years now. My skin is glowing! They are extremely knowledgeable and very up to date on all the latest procedures. The staff is awesome! I highly recommend MD Skin Effects for all your skin care needs.

- Joan P.